This app delivers real-time personalized meditation sessions based on user's personality, mood, datetime and other attributes. Each time when you start the personalized session, it will be different even for the same topic.

The quiz is used to determine how the app will customize the session based on your personality, using our proprietary audio technology. 

It uses the Big Five personality model to accurately determine the traits. In the app you'll see a graph with 5 dimensions O.C.E.A.N. O stands for openness, c for conscientiousness meaning how focused and organized you are, e for extraversion related to if you are reserved or outgoing, a for agreeableness measure the level of empathy, n for neuroticism meaning how sensitive.

Yes, that would be a good idea. iHappy include some of the top guided meditation session in the app, you can experiment both, and switch between personalized and non-personalized sessions the way you see fit.

If you have not experienced the same issue before using the app, but having it now, try restart the phone.

For further help, please use the contact us page form, and fill out information about the issue as much as possible. For example, the OS version, phone model, steps you performs, iHappy version etc...

iHappy app is developed and published by DigiGong Interactive Inc, a company located in the beautiful city of Toronto, ON, Canada. We focus on making innovative apps incorporating unique features and proprietary technology. 

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